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Jason & Justin Boyle, Green Valley Builders

From the initial site planning to the final coat of paint, Green Valley Builders takes a sustainable approach to building. That means we design buildings that benefit the people living and working in them, minimize environmental impact, increase in value and save money over its lifetime.

Whether it is a new custom home or a commercial project, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that structure is healthy, comfortable, efficient and durable. We’re dedicated to sustainable building practices, which is why we are certified builders in programs such as EarthCraft, ENERGY STAR, EPA Indoor airPLUS and LEED for Homes.


We care about the New River Valley because it’s our home. Brothers Jason and Justin Boyle grew up in Blacksburg and attended Virginia Tech. And just like the Boyles, Green Valley Builders has grown up here, too.

Jason and Justin Boyle Solar Greenhouse

Jason and Justin Boyle volunteer at the YMCA Solar Greenhouse

Since 1997, Green Valley Builders has designed and built custom homes in new communities and estate lots in southwest Virginia. Jason and Justin grew up working the farmland in the Mt. Tabor Meadows neighborhood of Blacksburg, and when they bought the property in 2007 they felt a sense of responsibility to the former owner, the land and the community. And while green building programs like EarthCraft were gaining popularity in the region, no builder or developer had attempted to develop an entire sustainable community.

Today Mt. Tabor Meadows is the only residential community in Blacksburg where each home is certified by ENERGY STAR and EarthCraft Virginia. In 2010, Green Valley Builders completed the first home in the New River Valley to receive LEED® Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). It is only the second home to be certified LEED in southwest Virginia. In addition to our dedication to sustainable building, we are deeply invested in the regional residential building industry. Both Jason and Justin have served on the board of directors for the New River Valley Home Builders Association (NRVHBA) for the past five years, with Jason currently serving as 2nd Vice President, and Justin as a Builder Member Director.


Integrity and trust are two values that are important to us. We make the building process as smooth as possible with open and honest communication. Our clients know that we are looking out for them, which is why they refer so many of their family and friends to us.

We have a working model with samples of all the finishes, appliances, lighting and other features your house may include. We also have a dedicated team member that helps you see up-to-date progress on your project. You can view the building schedule, be reminded of key dates, approve changes and pick out selections. If there is something you want, we’ll do whatever it takes to provide options that fit your needs and budget.

Meet Our Team

Jason Boyle
President & Owner

Justin Boyle
CFO/Client Relations & Owner