Give your BBQ a Makeover This Summer

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BBQ GrillIt’s summer time which means the grill is in full swing for meals and gatherings, but how can you make it a healthier meal?¬† Follow the tips below for a healthy BBQ this summer:

  • Lose high fat hamburgers: instead choose a more healthy burger such as a bison burger, garden burger or turkey burger
  • Skip the hot dogs, beef and pork sausage: try lean poultry sausage or soy sausage
  • Substitute the fatty steaks, ribs and chicken wings: instead try skinless chicken breasts, seafood (halibut, shrimp, wild salmon), or chicken and vegetable kabobs
  • Don’t add the high-calorie side dishes: choose grilled vegetables, sweet and white potatoes and corn on the cob. If you must splurge on the chips, go for baked, vegetable¬† or pita chips.

The grill’s high temperature can trigger substances in the muscle proteins of meat, chicken and fish to produce cancer-linked chemicals known as HCAs (Hetero-Cyclic-Amines) – especially if the meat is charred or well done. To decrease the amount in your food on the grill, follow these guidelines:

  • Keep the flame low, or wait until the charcoal turns in to glowing embers before you start cooking.
  • Trim all fat from your meat and marinade it.
  • Turn meat frequently.
  • Cook kabobs: small meat cooks faster and spends less time on the grill.
  • Clean off and throw away visible pieces of charred food.
  • Decrease grilling time by precooking meat in the oven or microwave.


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