What is the Cost Per Square Foot?

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How much does a house cost per square foot? The most honest answer a builder can give you is, “It depends.”

Like any purchase of significant value, the cost of a home depends on a variety of factors that all interact to result in the final price. Landscaping, driveways, property, interior details, and energy efficient choices are just a few of the factors that contribute to the cost per square foot.

How much do groceries cost per pound?

If you buy all steak and seafood at $10-$15 per pound, then your cost per pound is much higher than if you buy all fruit and vegetables at $1-$3 per pound.

The quality of each item you choose will also impact the cost per pound, so if you prefer filet mignon then your price per pound may be triple the cost of someone who buys flank steak and ground beef.

You have to first answer the following questions:
What is your budget? What do you prefer? And how much do you want of each?

Then you can start to figure out the cost per pound.

How about estimating the cost per pound of groceries for your entire neighborhood?

See how complicated it gets?  Kinda like estimating how much a house costs per square foot!

We work with clients to help determine the budget, quality, and size of house that will fit their needs, and then begin to discuss pricing estimates.  It would be unfair and inaccurate to quote a price per square foot before understanding all of the contributing factors. And to be honest, any builder that will give you a price per square foot quote up front will probably have some surprises for you later in the building process.

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