GVB Receives Two Nominations for EarthCraft Virginia Annual Awards

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 / No Comments »

Photo: K.C. McGurren (EarthCraft), Ed Tuchler (Shelter Alternatives), Chuck Bowles (EarthCraft) and Justin Boyle (Green Valley Builders) at the banquet.

Green Valley Builders (GVB) was on hand to celebrate the 2010 EarthCraft Virginia builder awards.

GVB was nominated for two EarthCraft Virginia awards: Single Family Builder of the Year and Single Family Developer of the Year.

“The growing awareness of green building can be attributed to the efforts of you and your organization,” said KC McGurren, executive director of EarthCraft Virginia. “We would like to take this opportunity to recognize your achievements and contributions to sustainable green building.”

GVB has built 16 homes to EarthCraft standards, with 3 more to be completed. In fact, all homes in Mt. Tabor Meadows are built to EarthCraft standards. An example of the homeowner benefits of an EarthCraft home can be seen in the average electric bills of GVB’s homes. Of the first 10 homes built in Mt. Tabor Meadows, it cost an average of $85 per month to heat 2,900 square feet of conditioned space.

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