Recycling Program

Wood-Waste-Recycling-StudyDid you know that construction waste constitutes about 40% of the total solid waste in the U.S.? We believe if we’re going to build better quality, energy-efficient homes, we need to also reduce the waste to build those homes. For example, we have recycling bins for different building materials and waste on each job site. Not only does it help keep the site clean, but our team and subcontractors work together to maintain safe, clean job sites and reduce the waste that goes to the landfill.

Since 2008, we’ve recycled or reused over 103,000 pounds of scrap lumber, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and scrap metal. We’ve also partnered with Virginia Tech to take a look at the amount of OSB, treated lumber and lumber waste and determine poten­tial uses for discarded material as an alternative to landfills. Initial results show that during the construction at Mt. Tabor Meadows, 50-60% of the OSB waste material as well as 35-50% of the treated lumber waste can be recycled into solid-wood usable products. The remaining materials can be recycled for biofuel and mulch.

Construction material recycled from Mt. Tabor Meadows since 2008:

  • Scrap lumber and pallets for mulch – 63,521.8 lbs
  • Cardboard – 15,660 lbs
  • Plastic bottles – 635 lbs
  • Aluminum cans and siding scrap – 926 lbs
  • Scrap metal – 12,510 lbs
  • Insulated wire and other metal – 843 lbs
  • OSB board – 8,412.4 lbs re-cut into usable pieces
  • Pressure treated lumber – 1,058.3 lbs kept out of landfill
Click image below to see the various uses of recycled construction material.


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